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We have been married for over 38 years! We live in London and have three grown-up children. We are both commited Christians and go to St. Peter’s Bethnal Green Church in London. We make a great team and love wildlife, especially birdwatching.
Welcome to our site  We hope you enjoy your visit Scattered around the the site are little “treasures” for you to find and enjoy. Absolutely anything could be a link so get exploring.
How we met In 1974 Steve started to attend a little local Baptist church in Chelmsford. A young girl started to sit near him. He liked the idea and decided to sit with her, even at the front when she was recording the sermon. After a while Steve plucked up courage and asked her to go to the cinema. By January Steve knew he would marry Andrea and told her so when he met her off the train one evening. This frightened Andrea and they split for a while. After a time they got back together and Steve went to work for the London City Mission.   He plucked up courage again and asked her to marry him. She said yes!
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