The thing that drives my life is being a follower of Jesus  I am a Christian. A Christian, in its simplest terms, is a person who believes in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, who was born over 2000 years ago in the nation of Israel.  As the Bible describes  “He went about doing good”. Christians also believe that He was God came to earth in human form. This event was foretold and promised to many people going back thousands of years. After three years of ministry: healing the sick and preaching the good news of The Kingdom of God. The religious authorities sought to silence Him and put an end to His message of liberty and availability of a closeness to God that had been lost when the first human, Adam, fell into sin. Under the then Roman authority He was crucified. For six hours he hung on a cross of wood with nails pierced through His wrists and ankles. Experts consider this form of death penalty as the vilest and cruellest of all capital punishments. This was not the end. It had been foretold and God took His death as payment for the penalty of sin. Christians consider Jesus the only person to have resisted temptation so as not to sin. He is considered innocent thus not deserving of death. On the third day – because He was innocent and because death could not hold, Jesus rose from the dead! And so, fore ever alive and an ever representative of human kind in heaven. Having faith in him and believing in what He accomplished on the cross causes us to benefit from His death and so we are considered innocent and free from guilt in Christ. So we too can join him in heaven when we die.
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