The McIntosh Family A Passion for Jesus
Made with Xara
There were three incidents that had knocked me back during my early childhood. I found school quite hard and often got in trouble with the teachers. I was noticing others were doing better than me and I was getting left behind; after a while I was placed in the bottom set. One particular incident I remember when I was 8 years old the teacher made me sit in the corner with a dunce’s hat on; I had no idea what I had done wrong.   I was sent to ballet classes and
unfortunately my coordination was not very good and I felt quite self conscious about my “two left feet” I could not do what the others were able to do and was always several steps behind; I soon left. Because I was being laughed at, both at school and at ballet, I tended to lash out at people in defence. I seem to hang my life on these experiences and tend to let them hold me back. On the other hand I was able, even at a young age, to go out on my own either cycling or
walking out on to the common land near my home. I found solace in being alone where people could not hurt me. God had other ideas and had a plan for my life.   
My Story
God’s Creation
Heroes of faith
Outward Bound
Marrying Steve
Spending time at the common, or even time in the garden, I became interested in wildlife. Hearing the Cuckoo, seeing the butterflies and bees, collecting frog’s spawn, or enjoying the flowers, God started to speak to me through His creation.
In the past I have not been confident, even now I tend to be a bit fearful, but God is changing me.
“two left feet”
God has been so good to me and I will always be grateful to Him.