The McIntosh Family A Passion for Jesus
something to me that when the teacher asked anyone who wanted to do the 50 yards certificate I put myself forward. There was I, in the water, all on my own; with everyone watching and I had to swim across the width of the pool and back. Well, I got across one side but on the way back I floundered and had to stop. This was all in the shallow end so I stood up. Although I had failed the teacher was so impressed with me he gave me another chance to do it the following week. I was able to complete it then.  I think the fact that I now had God in my life gave me the confidence to attempt these things. I went to Brownies and had the opportunity to go on a camp to Harwich. On the seafront a man was handing out Christian tracts. I took quite a few and took them home with me. I used to read each one in my bedroom and many times I would be challenged. They would say things like For God so loved ……. . (Fill in your own name) that He gave His only Son…. John 3 v 16”  Time and time again I would read it, but could not put my own name there. I think I was a Christian but I went through a time when I did not know whether I was saved or not.
My mum went to church and I went to Sunday school with her. I enjoyed the competitions like Sword Drill – this is where you have to find Bible verses quickly. I felt I was very good at it. One Palm Sunday, when I was around ten years old, we had a guest speaker at the church. He was speaking in the service and the Sunday school was in the meeting as well. I can’t remember what he spoke about but when he spoke I felt it was directly at me. I responded in my heart and gave my life to Jesus. I did not know I had to tell any one so kept quiet about what had happened to me for a time. According to my mum she recognised something had changed.
About this time I became interested in what was happening to other people. People like the missionaries who visited the church or ones I had heard about like Gladys Ailwood in China. School life changed for me. I was still a bit distant with other school pupils but found I started to enjoy different subjects like maths and science. I had a good teacher who taught me how to do my Times Tables both forwards and backwards. I also enjoyed even harder maths like the Pythagoras theorem or drawing circles with a compass. He was able to teach me how to bring out patterns in things and it spread to my reading. It made me interested in putting up my hand and answering questions.  Once I found there was something I could do I would throw everything into it. An example of this is when I learned to swim. I felt so good that I had even taken just one stroke
Things start to change
These tracts made me realise I had to make a decision and tell someone about what had happened. It did make me start to read and enjoy the Bible. Although I was able to do "Sword Drill" because I had memorised the books of the Bible, this time I was reading it because it was meaning